I'm forwarding this delayed post for Terry Hunefeld from San 
Hey all,

I'm forwarding this delayed post for Terry Hunefeld from San Diego, CA. For those who don't know Terry, he's not only a great guy, and fantastic birder, but a real pelagics guru as well. He organizes and runs most of the pelagic trips that occur off of San Diego and many other So. Cal spots. 

To cut to the chase… You can be certain this is a VERY accurate report as he's likely viewed more shearwaters than anyone of us! :)

Unfortunately he has no posting privileges and I didn't check this e-mail account over the holidays. So the report is a few days old.


Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL

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Hi Jeff

I don't have posting privileges to FloridaBirds. 
 Will you please repost the following on my behalf?

Merry Christmas

Terry ~ in Stuart Florida for the holidays. 


Cory's Shearwater - Fort Pierce Inlet - Saturday

A strong cold front moved into South Florida early Saturday
morning, December 22.  I was seawatching from
the east end of the south jetty of the Fort Pierce Inlet in a stiff northwest
wind.  A binocular scan brought a large,
lumbering white-bellied shearwater into view. It was arcing into the wind on
stiff slightly bowed wings just  beyond
the big breakers crashing onto the north jetty. 
The bird was angling/drifting south and across the inlet, passing 100
yards from my position.  Through my
spotting scope I could see dark-bordered pure-white underwings  (no markings in the axillaries) and the yellow
bill of a Cory’s Shearwater.  The upperparts
were uniform medium brown.  The plumage
was superficially like a Pink-footed Shearwater, but the bird was heavier, flying
on stiff tautly-bowed wings vs the buoyant arced wings of a Pink-footed.  My field notes read: “broad-winged,
ponderous, bowed stiff wide-winged, clean white belly and underwings.”   The bird continued to arc into the wind
allowing itself to be pushed back further from shore after passing the north
jetty.  It continued drifting south and further
out to sea until I lost it behind the large swells.  
Terry Hunefeld
San Diego

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