To all of our runners, once again phenomenal job at FSU. As you may know our next meet is our NIRCA Southeast Regionals in Spartanburg, SC. This means that all of the club teams part of our official club team league in our region, which is of course the Southeast, compete. To get an idea of results and how good our chances of placing and doing well are, here are last year's results:

As you all know, our meeting is this Tuesday at 7pm, but before that, start deciding if you are going to travel with the club to Spartanburg. I need to get a good idea of how many people want to go at the meeting. So here's some info for you to consider:

Race is the morning of Saturday, Nov 2nd.
We will be leaving Friday morning, no later than 12pm. Plan on missing 5th period and later.
You might have to pay ~$15 for gas and $20 entry fee at the most (all depending on how many people are going). 
We will be returning Saturday after the race.
We'll be staying in hotel rooms and using a rental vehicle/van, which you will not have to pay for. 
Anyone who would prefer to drive their own car or would be willing to volunteer, you can let me know, however no one person should feel obligated to put all those miles on their car. We've done a great job carpooling to all of our meets and thank all our drivers who have made it happen. Florida Running Club's travel turn-outs have never before been this good!

I hope to have a really good turnout to Regionals and Nationals this year and each and every one of you is invited and encouraged to run it! It should be a great team experience too.
One more note: the only requirement to run Nationals in Hershey is to first run Regionals.

Keep having a hopefully relaxing weekend and see you during the next week of practices!

Your President