Waddup homies! I hope everyone is having a safe weekend and not doing 
anything that your parents wouldn't approve of! Here's the schedule for 
this week:

Monday: Since there is no school we will be meeting at the Track at 
8am! That way people can get some sleep but also so it doesn't get 
bloody hell outside by the time we run. We will be running 3-9miles, 
stretching afterwards with abs and drills.

Tuesday: I will be starting my workout at 6..6:10am because of 
school/work right afterwards. Morgan will be starting at the usual 
6:45am time and we both will be meeting at the Track. You will do a 
1-3mile warmup and stretch. The workout will be 1mile at 5K pace 
(2-3minute recovery), 2x800m at 5K pace (1-2minute recovery), and 4x400m 
at 800pace (30seconds-1minute recovery). This workout will be intense 
but it will prepare you for our first race coming up!!! After do a 
1-2mile cooldown.

Wednesday: I will be hosting practice at 6:30am at the track; Morgan 
will be hosting practice at 6:30pm at the Track. We both will be doing 
3-8miles, stretch, and abs.

Thursday: We will start with a 1-3mile warmup, then head over to 
Village drive and do 4 hill repeats. After doing 4 there we will jog 
over to Frat row and do 4 more. Then after that we will jog over to 
Woodlawn drive (the next hill over) and end with 4more. This will 
definitely prepare you for Mountain Dew since some of the hills can 
getcha there! After you will do a 1-2mile cooldown, stretch, and abs.

Friday: FUN DAY! I believe last week we had it come down to Ultimate 
Frisbee or Football (for Morgan). So during the week I will take a poll 
to see which one you'd rather do. Last Friday we did Capture the Flag 
and for those who didn't make it out...I feel sorry for you. You missed 
a hell of a time!!! If someone has another idea then bring it up at 
practice and we will for sure through it into the mix.

Saturday: We will be meeting at the Track at 7am and during the week we 
will decide where we are going to run. This past Saturday we did 
Hawthorne Trail so I promise you we won't do it again. If we travel 
somewhere you will be provided transportation given that you ask 
politely and smile and say "Michael you are the best!"  Distance will be 
anywhere from 5-13miles.

Sunday: You may take the day off, cross train (bike/swim for example), 
or run an EASY 3miles to add some mileage.

EVERYDAY: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hydrate and eat during the day. 
The days are getting hotter and that means come practice (especially if 
it rains beforehand) its going to be brutal outside. We don't want 
anyone getting hurt so please do that and also stretch at home. If you 
stretch before you go to sleep you will feel very loose in the morning! 
Also stretching in the shower is awesome!!

PS: We might be planning a team social (club clubbing(?)) this week. On 
Friday about 10 of us after Capture the Flag stayed and watch most of 
the 2nd half of the soccer game! If/when we have this social, don't be 
shy! Come out with us! You might actually find out that Morgan and I 
don't hate each other as much as we seem to do!!! See ya tomorrow folks!