Hey Florida Running Club, it is time for a much needed update on club business.

First, I finally got word back from the FSU race director so we can finalize our roster. In his own words, "So excited to see you guys are returning this year!" Which means we can leave a great impression once again as Gators in Seminole country. The way we've been improving and showing up at away meets, I know as UF's club team we can all do a great job at FSU.

If you still want to run the meet next Friday, please respond to the poll on the Facebook page by this Friday the 4th, which will be the day I send the final roster in. Just 'Like' the status so I can add you to the list if you haven't yet done so. 

Want to get your entry fee covered for FSU? There's a good chance you could if you join one or more Green Team shifts for this Saturday's game. 3 points per shift and there are 5 shifts to choose from. RSVP to the facebook event (found in the Events tab) by Thursday.

Finally, T-Shirts! I have been getting millions of questions about expected date of T-Shirt arrival, and I have been working hard to get us shirts at the cheapest price possible so as soon as RecSports gets back to me, they will start printing and should be here within the next week or two at most. For now you can pay for your non-existent shirt for $10.

Thanks and enjoy another week of training! 

Your pres,