Our next meet, FLRunners, is tomorrow!

Don't forget, it's a $10 entry fee and only cash will be accepted. I will be collecting the entry fee when we meet at the track, or if you are leaving later than 1:30, at the meet. If you are on the top 9 list that was sent out, you are exempt from these fees!

Jenn has provided us with alternate routes on how to get to Titusville. Here is the fb post if you missed it:
Follow this link for different routes: http://tinyurl.com/o42j6ej
One route has tolls and takes the turnpike
The other routes do not have tolls but there is heavy construction currently on that area of 95 so be careful driving. The turnpike route is 2&1/2 hours and the other routes are a little bit longer but if you do not have epass I suggest you take the non-turnpike route to avoid stopping for tolls.

If you are going to take the Turnpike route, please contact me for a faster way to get there. Google maps wants you to get off at 408 and that way there is a lot of stop and go traffic. I know a faster way that involves taking 528 so I HIGHLY SUGGEST only epass users taking my route. Have a happy training week : )

We'll see you today at practice and tomorrow in Titusville!