Hi Jackie,

Welcome to the club!:) We definitely have a good group of mid-distance runners. Do you know which events you might want to train for? The info for the practice times was actually just updated as of yesterday, so for scheduling reasons, the new times are Monday at 9:30am or 5:30pm, and Thursday at 8:45am or 5:30pm, whichever works better for your schedule. We want members to attend these track workouts at the least; there is also a long run on Saturday mornings. The mid-distance workouts have all been posted on facebook and our website. Make sure you sign up for UF Cross Country/Track on the Recsports website as well (the instructions are on the FRC website).


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Hey Emma! :)
   I am new to FRC and saw that the website said 9:30 or 4:30. Is there also a 4:30 practice, or is that now 5:30? I would be interested in running mid-distance. Thank you!! Have a great day!! 
   - Jackie Petruzzelli   
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Sprinters, here you go! Any questions, email me, Emma. 
Practice is at 9:30am at the track tomorrow. If you can't make that, meet at the track parking lot at 5:30pm.