Hey FRC- 

There were lots of questions today at practice about jersey and T-shirt orders, and here are your answers!

How to pay for Jerseys & T-Shirts? Cash (exact change please) or Check written out to University of Florida
When are they coming? We will keep you posted on the status of our apparel. We hope to have the jerseys by the first meet.
When do I have to pay by? You can start bringing your payments to practice as soon as you want ($15 for jerseys, $10 for T-Shirts). Once the jerseys are here, we will give your purchases to you as soon as you pay for them.

I hope this answers all of your questions. If you have not yet signed up for the jerseys/shirts, here is the link once again https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7QGp1Eo4MvvKZbbFZm-YmzhEGoHH86FH6ZPrxLXjps/edit?usp=sharing

Have a good night, rest up, and keep training!

Emma Falcone