Date:   February 20, 2013

To:     All UF Graduate Students

From:   UF Graduate Student Council (GSC)

RE:     Vote: Student Government Elections End 8:30 P.M. Today

Just a reminder that Student Government Elections are end today at 8:30 p.m.

Graduate students have 11 seats out of the 50 senate seats. It is 22% of the seats. Please take a few minutes to vote.

A graduate student can vote for a max of 11 of the 22 candidates. Check this for the candidates information 

The Polling Locations are

  *   Springs - C202
  *   Murphree (Common Bldg) - Commons Conference Room 106
  *   McCarty B - 3082
  *   Broward - Basement
  *   Jennings - 1st Floor Library
  *   Law School (Bruton-Geer) - Side hallway by doors in back
  *   CSE - Main Room, row N2, O1, O2
  *   Marston Science Library - Main Room
  *   Reitz Union - 366
  *   Health Science Center - C2-041C
  *   Southwest Rec - Cafe near entrance on left side
  *   Veterinary Medicine Academic Bldg. Education Center, Room V1-104

We pay around $18 per credit hour towards SG. Make sure you vote to get you voice heard!