Date:  May 2, 2013

To:    All UF Graduate Students

From:  UF Graduate Student Council

RE:    2012-2013 Graduate Student Council Award Winners

There were numerous applications for each category of this year's Graduate Student Council Annual Award Winners. We would like to thank everyone who applied or nominated staff/faculty member. Please join us in congratulating the 2012-2013 winners!

Graduate Student Leader of the Year (2012-13)
- Katerina Berezina
- Whitney Ruddock
- Cristelle Garnier
- Shelly Johnson
- Regina Martuscello
Graduate Professors of the Year (2012-13)
- Dr. Jodi Schorb
- Dr. Michael Allen
Graduate Support Staff of the Year (2012-13)
- Mrs. Kelly Herring
- Ms. Mararet Somers

Graduate Organization of the Year (2012-13)
- Gator Pharmacy Wellness
- Graduate Association of Chemical Engineers
Graduate Advisor of the Year (2012-13)
- Dr. Michael Gutter