Date:  July 8, 2013

To:    UF Graduate Faculty and Graduate Students 
From:  Carolyn M. Tucker, Ph.D., Director
       UF Health Disparities Research and Intervention Program

RE:    Call for Listings: UF Directory of Faculty and Graduate/Medical Students Engaged in Health Disparities Research  

NIH and other grant funding institutes and foundations are increasingly providing funds for interdisciplinary research to address health disparities. There is a growing consensus that development of interdisciplinary health disparities research partnerships at UF would position us well for such funding.  

Development of such partnerships would be facilitated by identifying faculty who conduct health disparities research and their research foci. Such researchers include (a) researchers engaged in health-related research targeting racial/ethnic minorities, the poor/disadvantaged, and/or the medically underserved and (b) researchers engaged in biomedical and/or other research that has implications for preventing, reducing, and/or eliminating health disparities. 

Because graduate and medical students interested in research on health disparities would benefit from connecting with faculty engaged in such research, it is important to identify these students as well. Indeed, faculty and students alike would benefit from such research connections. 

If you are interested in having your name and research foci included in the UF Directory of Faculty and Graduate/Medical Students Engaged in Health Disparities Research (called the UF Directory of Health Disparities Researchers or UF-DHDR), please take about 5 minutes to complete the following online form by Friday, July 12, 2013. 

Click on this link to submit your listing via the online form:

The UF-DHDR will be disseminated to UF faculty in Gainesville and Jacksonville by August 20, 2013. This directory will be updated quarterly and disseminated by the UF Health Disparities Research and Intervention Program, which is based in the UF College of Medicine.