Gator Global Initiative, a social impact conference, inspires students to find their passion and create change locally, nationally, and globally.  Students will interact with each other and speakers to develop into socially responsible leaders within their community.  Gator Global Initiative strives to create a knowledge-sharing space for like-minded individuals to foster a collaborative atmosphere towards action.

GGI is a 2 day conference that focuses on educating students on social issues (Human Rights, Educational Inequalities, Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development, Peace Building and Global Health) and giving them opportunities to learn skills to take action. This year we have added a graduate student skill session track that focuses on grant writing and presenting work to garner support.

Join us on October 18-19 in Pugh Hall. Registration closes on October 11th and is $25. Check the website for a full schedule and more information.



Angela L. Garcia | Director, Community Engagement & Service-Learning
Center for Leadership and Service
University of Florida Division of Student Affairs
PO Box 114135 | P301 Peabody Hall | Gainesville, FL 32611-4135
office 352.392.1215 | fax 352.392.1213
StrengthsQuest Top 5: Discipline, Developer, Responsibility, Learner, Empathy

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