Application Deadline: November 27, 2013
The UF International Center is now accepting applications for the Spring/Summer 2014 Graduate Student Research Abroad Program for graduate students in astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and physics.

*         Only funded Ph.D. students (i.e., on research assistantships that are transportable to the international research location) and who have been advanced to candidacy are eligible for the program;

*         There must be an internationally-recognized and committed hosting laboratory or field research site at the proposed destination of the research abroad student;

*         The hosting laboratory/field site can be anywhere in the world outside of the United States (excepting countries with U.S. State Department Travel Warnings); each placement will be individually negotiated between the student, his/her faculty mentor, and the prospective receiving laboratory or field site.

Application Requirements
The student and his/her mentor are requested to present to the Graduate Student Research Abroad Program Review Committee through Dean Sammons' office:

  *   A budget of not more than $10,000.  The requested budget is in addition to the student's RA stipend, which is to continue during the time the student is away from UF.  The requested budget should include estimated travel, living, and exceptional research expenses for the duration of the planned program.
  *   A work plan for a research abroad experience of 1 to 3 months. The work plan should: 1) identify the location for the planned program; 2) provide sufficient information about the receiving institution to support an assertion that it is a top tier institution, and; 3) describe the work to be accomplished by the graduate student during the period abroad.
  *   Evidence of support (in the form of a letter or other document) from the host laboratory. Note: The host laboratory will not be expected to pay living and housing costs for the student; only evidence of provision of routine expenses associated with the research to be conducted by the UF student while in residence will be required.
  *   Documentation of partial UF funding from the Faculty Mentor (see below).

Application packets should be directed to Dean David J. Sammons at the UF International Center (170 HUB - PO Box 113225) and will be considered by the Graduate Student Research Abroad Program Review Committee. It is expected that funds will be available to support 3 to 4 applicants this year.

Funding Procedures
Funding sources (not including the students' stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance) to support the Graduate Student Research Abroad Program are stated below. Documentation of secured funding from the Faculty Mentor is part of the application package. Funding from the latter sources (bullets 2 and 3 below) will be provided following approval of the application by the Program Review Committee that will be appointed by Dean Sammons.

  *   Faculty Mentor must provide 34% of the proposed budget; this portion  is in addition to the students' assistantship and health insurance
  *   Funds generously provided by K.B. Wagener from the Department of Chemistry (33% of proposed budget)
  *   UF International Center (33% of proposed budget)

Follow-up Requirement
Successful applicants will be expected to provide the Graduate Student Research Abroad Program Review Committee, via Dean Sammons, with a detailed written report describing and evaluating their research abroad experience after return to Gainesville.
The deadline for Spring/Summer 2014 applications is November 27, 2013. Awards will be announced on or before December 20, 2013.