Try it now. If it is still bringing up 719200. Trying deleting that expense type in the current TER and adding it again. If it is still 719200….you will have to delete the TER and start over.


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I have entered an expense report, selected Participant Support as the “Expense Type” and the account that is linked to it is still 719200.  Should I continue with the ER or will this be updated soon?


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Aline O’Donnell

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Subject: Research Subject Payments G/L account


Payments to individuals participating in an instruction, research or public service project or study must be coded to a newly established G/L account  719500 – Research Subject Payments.  A specific GL account for these types of payments has not existed in the past and, consequently, such payments were coded to various G/L accounts such as 797100 – Patient Care Costs, 719200 – Participant Support, 719250 – Participant Support– No FNA, or 719300 – Other Payments – Non Employees.  These GL accounts are not to be used in the future for payments to research subjects for participating in a project or study.  Please direct any questions to Brad Staats or Tiffany Schmidt.



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