Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  The CAS form and website are being updated.  In the meantime please go ahead and add the check box manually to the CAS form and complete as usual from there.





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Subject: Re: Account code and CAS changes




I have a PI who has to purchase Audio Visual Equipment but this option is not provided on the CAS form. What should I put?


The form only lists the following:



Local Telephone Service

Cell Phones and Plans

Office Supplies

Computer Supplies

Computer, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, IPads, and other computer related accessories, items costing less than 5k

General Purpose Software




They are not also listed on this link…..Finance and Accounting CAS Violations List


Thank you!


Alethea Geiger




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Subject: FW: Account code and CAS changes


The following changes have been made to account code descriptions in order to create more consistency after last year’s capitalization threshold changes and also to accommodate changes to the CAS exemption process, which, effective with this notification, requires a CAS Exemption to direct charge a federally funded project for computers and related items costing less than $5,000.


As a reminder, to ensure compliance with the Federal government’s Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and OMB Circular A-21, section F.6.b,  which establishes the principle that administrative and clerical salaries as well as other items such as office supplies, postage, local telephone costs, subscriptions and memberships (list not all inclusive) should normally be treated as indirect costs, the University of Florida established a policy for charging costs directly or indirectly to federally funded projects. The University’s CAS policy can be found at Principal Investigators who believe circumstances of their project warrant an exemption that would allow direct charging costs that are normally treated as indirect must complete and submit a CAS Exemption Form to the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) for a final determination of allowability.  Also attached to this email is a quick reference guide to help with the understanding of OMB Circular A-21 cost principles, including examples of direct costs vs. indirect cost.


Account               Current Description                                                        New Description                                                              Subject to CAS


722200                  CELLULAR                                                                            CELLULAR PHONES AND SERVICE PLANS                Yes

722300                  PAGERS                                                                                PAGERS                                                                                Yes

722400                  FAX MACHINES                                                                 N/A - code deleted

729900                  ATTRACT - COMM FAX/PHONE<1,000                    FAX/PHONE EQUIPMENT <5000                                 Yes

731200                  ANIMAL FOR RESEARCH                                                ANIMAL FOR RESEARCH <5000

731300                  AUDIO/VISUAL EQUIPMENT                                       AUDIO/VISUAL SUPPLIES                                              Yes

731700                  MEDICAL EQUIPMENT <1000                                      MEDICAL EQUIPMENT <5000                                     

731800                  ATTRACT - AUD/VIS EQUIP <1 000                            AUDIO/VISUAL EQUIPMENT <5000                           Yes

731900                  ATTRACT - LAB EQUIP <1 000                                      LAB EQUIPMENT <5000

732900                  ATTRACT-OFFICE EQUIP (NOT CAP)                         OFFICE EQUIPMENT <5000                                           Yes

734200                  COMPUTER SOFTWARE                                                 COMP SOFTWARE GENERAL                                        Yes

734250                  COMPUTER SOFTWARE TECH                                     COMP SOFTWARE SPECIALIZED

734800                  ATTRACT-COMP EQUIP (NOT CAP)                          COMPUTER EQUIPMENT <5000                                  Yes

734900                  ATTRACT - COMP PERIPHERAL<1000                       COMPUTER PERIPHERALS <5000                                Yes

739400                  EQUIPMENT > 1000 & < 5000                                      code deleted

739700                  ATTRACT - SMALL HANDTOOLS<1000                      SMALL HANDTOOLS <5000

739800                  ATTRACT - MUSICAL EQUIP <1 000                           MUSICAL EQUIPMENT <5000

739900                  ATTRACT - FIREARMS <1 000                                       FIREARMS <5000

781100                  EQUIPMENT – GENERAL                                               FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT >4999

782400                  COMPUTER SOFTWARE – GENERAL                         COMPUTER SOFTWARE >4,000,000

784000                  VEHICLES AND TRANSPORTATION                            VEHICL & TRANSP >4999

789100                  ARTWORK AND MUSEUM ARTIFACTS                     ART & MUSEUM ARTIFACTS >4999

789400                  LIVESTOCK                                                                          LIVESTOCK >4999


Account codes which haven’t changed and still require a CAS exemption:


722100                  TELEPHONE - LOCAL

722120                  TELEPHONE INSTALL/MAINT/REPAIR

722130                  TELEPHONE LEASING

722140                  TELEPHONE CONTRACT

732100              OFFICE SUPPLIES

734100                  COMPUTER SUPPLIES

791000                  MEMBERSHIPS & DUES

791100                  SUBSCRIPTIONS

794000                  POSTAGE


Coding expenses to avoid CAS edits (e.g.,  coding the purchase of office supplies as 731100 – Lab Supplies) is against University policy.  Such practices increases the audit risk to the University.


Questions about account code usage should be directed to Sheela Moudgil.  Questions about the University’s CAS policy should be directed to Brian Prindle or Brad Staats.  



Brad Staats

Assistant Vice President for Contracts & Grants

University of Florida

123 Grinter Hall

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Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone:  (352) 273-3136

Fax:      (352) 846-0137