Date:  February 27, 2013

To:    All UF Graduate Students, Coordinators and Staff

From:  UF Graduate Student Council

RE:    New Issue of UF Graduate Student Council Newsletter Now Out

The UF Graduate Student Council (GSC) is excited to announce the second issue of the "Grad Cannon," the first GSC newsletter, aimed to provide resources, opportunities and highlights throughout each semester specifically for graduate students at the University of Florida

"Grad Cannon" represents the medium by which graduate students can launch their ideas and potential, as the components of the newsletter will be written by students themselves, with faculty and various entities on campus contributing as well.

This edition serves as the first in a series of issues that will focus graduate student research at the University of Florida. A "Call for Innovative Research" was requested in order to garner the diverse views and types of research that current graduate students are involved and interested in. Articles vary from descriptions about students' own research, interesting research studies in specific fields, or an opinion piece on something students found in the literature. The goal is to expand graduate students' knowledge of the research that exists external to their own field and to educate each other on what's going on in various departments. 

Click on these links to access the newsletter directly... 

...or go to the homepage of the GSC website and click "Documents" on the menu bar. 

Enjoy! And please keep an eye out for future issues!