DATE:    February 1, 2013


TO:        Associate Deans, Chairs/Directors, Graduate Coordinators, and Graduate Staff


CC:         Deans and Academic Personnel


FROM:  Kenneth J. Gerhardt, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School


RE:         Template Letters for Admission to Graduate School and Appointments as Graduate Assistants


The majority of new graduate students each year are admitted during the spring semester for fall matriculation. Providing these students with a clear and accurate letter of admission and letter of appointment is critical to the success of our graduate programs. 


New templates for these letters are now available for your use and can be found at


Please note that the new Letter of Admission to the Graduate School no longer includes employment information. 


All employment information must now be included in the Letter of Appointment. 


These are significant changes from previous templates.


Please discard your existing templates and use these new ones. 


You may add other “recruiting” statements in these letters.


These letters were reviewed by General Counsel and Human Resources.



Kenneth J. Gerhardt, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Graduate School

University of Florida

162 Grinter Hall

PO Box 115500

Gainesville, Florida 32601

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