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Dear SNA Friends,

After having succesfully introduced SNA in a EU funded research project (to measure the development/ integration of knowledge intensive energy clusters around the North Sea) we are looking for opportunities to expand our survey based tool to include knowledge mapping components.

Inspired by the works of Kelvin Chan and Jay Liebowitz who address the potential synergy of SNA & Knowledge Mapping, and influenced by popular economic theory like the resource based view (availability of different intangible and tangible resources  determine competitive advantage at the firm level) we are looking for mapping techniques/models/variables that align  with the requirements of SNA.

In other words..does anyone have experience or expertise available on what models are appropriate to measure the avaiability of strategically important resources (in this case..for the benefit of knowledge intensive innovation within the energy sector)? What variables/indicators have to be included to measure which strategically important resources? Can they be measured at node-level while describing firm level characteristics? etc.

All your replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,

Robbin van der Linde

Energy Valley Foundation
Groningen, The Netherlands

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