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Subject: W3 Seminar Wed., 11:45 - Legal Issues with Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise in Florida


Water, Wetlands and Watersheds Seminar, Feb 13, 11:45-12:30, Phelps Lab 101.

Legal Issues with Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise in Florida

Thomas Ruppert
Coastal Community Outreach Coordinator
Florida Sea Grant


Sea-level rise presents many challenges for adaptation around Florida. Much of literature on adaptation focuses heavily on planning tools that are implemented by local governments. This presentation will briefly discuss different levels of government in Florida and their respective authorities and limitations. It will then briefly discuss some of the tools proposed to help local governments adapt to sea-level rise and then look at some legal issues that may constrain the use of tools as well as examine two legal cases that are important when thinking about Florida's coasts and sea-level rise.


Note: we have a larger audience than previous semesters. Because the seminars are available online as recordings, the seminars will remain in Phelps Lab 101 and the door will be locked after we reach capacity. Please arrive early if you want a seat and visit the website for the recordings if you aren't able to attend, or arrive too late to get a seat.

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