Presentation:                                                                           We Are Water


Documentary film presentation

By Jill Heinerth

Explorer, Filmmaker and Water Advocate


When:        Thursday March 7th, 2013 – 7:00 PM - Free admission

Open to the public – light refreshments served afterward


Where:       High Springs Civic Center

                   330 NW Santa Fe Blvd., High Springs


Sponsor      Save Our Suwannee (A not for profit 501 (c) 3)


Underwater explorer Jill Heinerth launches We Are Water campaign


The world’s top female underwater explorer, Jill Heinerth, is launching a campaign to reconnect people to their most precious commodity — water. The renowned filmmaker is presenting a documentary, We Are Water, to raise public awareness about the earth’s finite water resources.


In the documentary, she takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the Earth’s arteries from deep underwater caves to the Great Lakes in bid to show the public where their water comes from, and ultimately, how to protect it.


The documentary follows Heinerth’s extraordinary journeys in water, showcasing some of her most spectacular underwater footage, as well as exploring humanity’s traditional spiritual connection to water. During her career Heinerth has dived inside giant icebergs in Antarctica, dived under the Ural mountains of Siberia and has explored deeper into the planet than any woman in history.


‘I swim under your homes, your businesses, golf courses, bowling alleys — all kinds of places where people don’t imagine their drinking water is flowing. In cave diving I swim inside the veins of mother earth. It’s easy to forget where water comes from. We take it for granted that it comes out of a tap but we can no longer afford to do so.” says Heinerth.  

 For more info please contact Barbara Ferguson, SOS Board Member, at 386-965-0901


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