Hey Relayers!

We have finally signed up to be a team! So let's get going on fundraising! I know we're a bit behind, but we can still make an impact in battling cancer! There is a Relay for Life meeting where campsites and themes will be chosen, so if you're interested in joining me it'll be onThursday February 21 6:30PM in Turlington L005. After that meeting we'll walk over to CHSC's Second General Meeting at 7pm, but if you're interested in being on the Relay for Life committee I would highly suggest you joining me. Just let me know if you'll join, so I can look out for you. We'll also be discussing fundraising ideas that day :D

Anyone who is interested in being on the team please sign up at 

Really excited to get started!

Karine DeSouza
Co-Director of Campus Outreach
Community Health Service Corp.
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