Was teeming with birds today.  Most notable around 10:30 a huge flock of 20+ Northern Parulas came in.  I had a vireo trio yellow throated blue headed and red eyed vireos singing.  A Ruby crowned Kinglet sang its song as well did several yellow rumps.  A female Coopers Hawk sat close to her nest "barking".  The eaglet did some flying around but made sure it was at nest at 12 noon demanding its lunch.  I noticed both eaglets 2 years ago did the same even though they had fledged.  Kept this up until middle May...they aren't good hunters even though they are huge!  Many many Myrtle Warblers as well.

Seems Eastern Towhees have found our park for migrating through.  None have ever nested around there but they do like the palmettos for hiding and feeding as they pass.  My 5th total.  Female with red eyes.

The biggest surprise of the morning was hearing but not seeing Brown headed Nuthatches.  I have never seen them in our park before but have seen them at Bulow Creek...not that far away.
So this would be a new species.  I want to hear and see them again otherwise chalk them up as fluke passer-byes.

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Meret S Wilson, Bird Bander
Tomoka Basin State Parks

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