Dearest Colleagues,


In furtherance of the practice of records management I want to do a study of
the current state of control measurements within our community. Rather than
make assumptions about what people are measuring I want to get your input. 


You can email me here or go to my blog post and make a comment: . I would also love to read your comments about
control and measurement.


What I'll do is take your thoughts and comments and create a survey. I'll
have to go through the academic process to stay kosher with my university,
so there will be a delay between your comments and the survey. I'll release
the survey to the Listserv as well as through ARMA. Your comments about
other populations (like AIIM?) would be greatly appreciated.


I have no research funding for this, so I'll try to get the results
published as quickly as I can after I receive the results. 


Thank you all for your commitment to our profession!


Best wishes,



Carol E.B. Choksy, PhD CRM PMP


IRAD Strategic Consulting, Inc.

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Adjunct Lecturer

School of Library and Information Science

Indiana University, Bloomington

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