In the Smoking Gun...

The hacker who has spent the past several months breaking into the
e-mail accounts of family, friends, and political allies of the Bush
family has crossed party lines and illegally accessed the AOL account
of a former senior White House adviser to President Bill Clinton.  The
intrusion into Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mail account apparently occurred
this week, days after the hacker--who uses the alias
“Guccifer”--defaced Colin Powell’s Facebook page and breached the
former Secretary of State’s AOL account.

Over the past few months, the list of “Guccifer” hacking victims has
included several Bush family members and friends; Powell; U.S. Senator
Lisa Murkowski; a senior United Nations official; Rockefeller family
members; former FBI agents; security contractors in Iraq; a former
Secret Service agent; and John Negroponte, a former U.S. ambassador to
the United Nations. A majority of these breaches have involved AOL
e-mail accounts.

Bruce White, CRM, PMP
Virginia Beach, VA
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