I'm a records manager who has been working in government records for over a
decade.  I've been a member, off and on, of the listserv for several years,
mainly staying in the background and following the various discussions.
As part of our building’s remodel, we are managing the movement of records
to a new consolidaterd records center.  I’d like to get some feedback from
anyone who’s managed a records move within a building before.  Specifically,
I need to know how you have managed the move of sensitive or confidential
records.  These are records with trade secrets and other sensitive or
confidential information.  When you moved, did you:

·         Move the records while in their safes or locked cabinets

·         Place the records in ordinary cardboard boxes while moving

·         Place them in lockable or tamper-proof containers while moving

·         Make sure that responsible staff accompanied the containers
during the move

Any ideas about how to accomplish this part of our move would be greatly

Craig Conant
ASRC Primus
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