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> Larry Medina answered "... the core samples are an object that supports a
> record.  The actual records would be the REPORT related to the core sample
> and the initial REQUEST to extract one. The sample itself would serve as
> supporting evidence for the record/s."
> Larry, NONE of the geotechnical engineers with whom I have spoken would
> agree with you. (I quote) They want to see the core, feel it, smell it,
> test it, and [in the case of one engineer] taste it. You can't do any of
> that with a report.
> It seems to me we are using too narrow a definition of "record".

Fortunately Fred, geotechnical engineers don't write records management
policy for organizations and don't set the definition for records.  Even in
firms where their knowledge is king, almost ANYONE can successfully argue
that a core sample represents a snapshot in time and after it's been
drilled, even geology can change.

Sure, there may be cases where someone would want to go back and "taste"
their samples for a period of time after they were produced, but in all
likelihood, they are going to go to the reports first... if not, how would
they identify the sample itself? And unless the information gathered in the
report (from the sample) was inconclusive, there would be no reason to go
back to it.  But knowing the geotechnical engineers I've worked with...
they'd demand a NEW sample be drilled out if there was a problem, because
the problem would be related to a current condition, NOT a past one.

Maybe what is needed is a broader definition for a 'record' in an overall
sense, with narrower definitions for specific industries?  I think that's
what we have now, right?  Nuclear industries have much different scope of
records than candy makers; medical practices and travel agents do as well.

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