In today's - a follow-up to a RAINDrop I posted a
couple of weeks ago.  Appears DOD wants to start all over again...

Ever since the Defense Department and the Veterans Affairs Department
decided to step back from their approach to building a joint
electronic health record earlier this year, DoD has been searching for
a new electronic records system. As DoD nears a decision point, VA is
making the case that its own system, VistA, would make a great fit for
both departments.

The two departments' original vision was to build a single electronic
health record that would follow a service member from the time he or
she enlisted in the military to the time they exited VA care. Both
agencies say that's still the fundamental goal, but under a revised
program they announced last month, rather than building a record
system from scratch, they'll each start from separate "core
technology" starting points and focus more on sharing data than
integrating their systems.

Bruce White, CRM, PMP
Virginia Beach, VA
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