Good Morning Everyone,

I have posted to this listserv previously.  I am the records manager for
Coverys.  We provide medical professional liability insurance.  My company
is in the process of securing an agreement with an HR Services solution
vendor.  Our company will now use their solution to manage our payroll and
benefits.  We will be providing no data feeds to them.  All our information
will be maintained by them.

There is a provision in the agreement that states that they will not agree
to be the official recordkeeper*.  *I am a little concerned about this
because they are maintaining all our information related to payroll and
benefits.  They have agreed to employ commercially reasonable storage
including backup, archive and redundant data storage both onsite and
offsite and take reasonable precautions to prevent loss of or alteration of
our data files, but wonít guarantee any such loss or alteration.  We have
asked them to provide to us their disaster/recovery plan.  Our IT
department has reviewed the plan and is satisified.

Does anyone see any risk to this scenario?  If so, I would like to hear
back from you.  Also, do you think itís prudent to add language to the
contract that requires them to comply with our records retention schedule?

Thank you,


Donna Malzone
Records Manager
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