By way of introduction, my name is Kimberly Boehr I am the Records Management Coordinator for the Westbank First Nation, a self governing First Nation government located in Kelowna BC, Canada. In many respects we operate similar to a municipal government.

I am interested to know if anyone is using electronic signatures (or specifically an Adobe product called EchoSign) to internally route and manage approval processes and would be willing to contact me about the advantages or disadvantages. We have had an electronic document management system (Laserfiche) in place since 2008. Many of our business processes are not 100% electronic simply because we have not put in place a system for approvals (at this point we are looking only at internal processes such as approving invoices, travel approval requests, leave requests, etc.). Current practice is to have paper printed, routed to different building locations, signed, scanned and emailed.

I would also be interested in any comments related to choosing digital signature technology over electronic signature technology and suggested questions I should ask the Adobe representative. Adobe EchoSign is cloud based and I have concerns about information being stored in the United States (and for how long?), Canadian legal compliance issues, etc. Our EDMS (Laserfiche) has signature capabilities but in the trial EchoSign looks very intuitive for users (minimal, if any,  training required) and would not necessitate a Laserfiche user license in order to make our business processes truly electronic making it possibly a cheaper and easier solution to implement.

Please feel free to contact me offline at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

Thank you,

Records Management Coordinator

Westbank First Nation
301 - 515 Highway 97 South
Kelowna, BC  V1Z 3J2

T 250 769 4999 ext 1323
F 250 769 4377<>

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