This morning I did a quick check to see what dissertations on records management topics are now available. I used a 2005 cut off which is completely arbitrary. I also excluded medical records topics.  Again this is just my own perspective.  I do not have library access to dissertation abstracts so my searches in express dissertations were limited to 40 hits.

The number of dissertations from universities at the People's Republic of China is striking. I do not know if these are available in English. I am guessing that they are not since the meta data generally lists the page numbers as zero. But I would be interested in anyone has reviewed any of these publications

1.     A framework for records management in relational database systems
by Ataullah, Ahmed Ayaz M.Math., University of Waterloo (Canada), 2008, 97 pages; AAT MR43585

2.     A Study on Construction of Records Management Metadata Application System based on ISO 23081 under the Perspective of Knowledge Management
by Zhao, Ping Jian M.A., Renmin University of China (People's Republic of China), 2008, 0 pages; AAT H354947

3.     A study on electronic records management in electronic government
by Wu, Juan Li M.A., Wuhan University (People's Republic of China), 2006, 0 pages; AAT H409667

4.     Construct Risk Evaluation System of Electronic Files
by Song, Qing Da M.A., Renmin University of China (People's Republic of China), 2008, 0 pages; AAT H371045

5.     Design and Implementation for Congress Record Management System of the United States
by Wang, Qian Xiao M.S., Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (People's Republic of China), 2007, 0 pages; AAT H313836

6.       Electronic Records and Archiving Management in the Electronic Government Environment
by Shi, Ke M.A., Wuhan University (People's Republic of China), 2006, 0 pages; AAT H397594

7.     Electronic records as a corporate risk: Internet service providers, personal information and lawful access
by Munro, Kenneth Douglas Murray LL.M., University of Toronto (Canada), 2005, 78 pages; AAT MR07350

8.     Exploring the relationship between archival appraisal practice and user studies: U.S. state archives and records management programs
by Rhee, Hea Lim Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2011, 339 pages; AAT 3485824

9.     Implementation of an electronic quality record management system in a midsize aerospace manufacturer
by Barrett, Lon L. M.S., California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2005, 93 pages; AAT 1429929

10.  Les cadres intermediaires et l'information: Modelisation des comportements informationnels de cadres intermediaires d'une municipalite en transformation
by Maurel, Dominique Ph.D., Universite de Montreal (Canada), 2006, 351 pages; AAT NR23934 [According to Bing Translator the English translation of the title is as follows: "Intermediates managers and information: modeling of informational behavior of frames a municipality in processing intermediaries"-I am sure that a better translation is available among the readers of this list]

11.  Records, the truth commission, and national reconciliation: Accountability in post-apartheid South Africa
by Kenosi, Lekoko Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2009, 284 pages; AAT 3384830

12.  Research on Applying Metadata To The Electronic Records Management
by Zhu, Li M.A., Wuhan University (People's Republic of China), 2006, 0 pages; AAT H412975

13.  Schemas de classification et reperage des documents administratifs electroniques dans un contexte de gestion decentralisee des ressources informationnelles [According to Bing Translator the English Translation of this is as follows: "Classification schemes and tracking of documents administrative electronic in a context of decentralized information resources management]
by Mas, Sabine Ph.D., Universite de Montreal (Canada), 2007, 344 pages; AAT NR37158

14.  The aleph in the archive: Appraisal and preservation of a natural electronic archive
by Esteva, Maria Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 2008, 283 pages; AAT 3311452

15.   The Comparative study on Chinese and Foreign Electronic Records Protection
by Zhang, Wan Hou M.A., Renmin University of China (People's Republic of China), 2008, 0 pages; AAT H355386

16.  The creation of pictorial order: Developing a records management system for Manitoba Hydro corporate photographs
by Franklin, Jenara M.A., University of Manitoba (Canada), 2009, 162 pages; AAT MR60367

17.  The development of a model for education and training in electronic records management
by Johare, Rusnah Binti Ph.D., University of Northumbria at Newcastle (United Kingdom), 2006, 324 pages; AAT C829789

18.  The principle of original order & the organization and representation of digital archives
by Zhang, Jane Ph.D., Simmons College, 2010, 216 pages; AAT 3451136

19.  The Research of Legal System For Protecting Electronic Records
by Zhu, Min M.S., Shanghai University (People's Republic of China), 2007, 0 pages; AAT H323909

20.  The Study on the Legal Protection of Copyright and Privacy in the Electronic Records Management
by Wang, Hui Shao M.A., Wuhan University (People's Republic of China), 2006, 0 pages; AAT H401087

21.  The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Access and control over controversial records
by Whorley, Tywanna Marie Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2006, 280 pages; AAT 3232820

22.  Towards regulatory compliant storage systems
by Peterson, Zachary Nathaniel Joseph Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 2007, 128 pages; AAT 3240785

23.  Trustworthy history and provenance for files and databases
by Hasan, Ragib Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009, 216 pages; AAT 3392062

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