Hello BESTers,

There are two main schools of thought on how society's problems can be 
solved: government regulation and incentives or businesses taking 
responsibility for themselves.  This applies to food waste as well.  
This week on the NRDC blog, two articles were posted explaining these 
two different approaches to addressing food waste.  One is encouraging 
the government to become more involved in the reduction of food waste, 
while the other examines how businesses are handling food waste in the 
UK.  These solutions however aren't mutually exclusive, and I believe 
that cooperation between the government and the private sector, along 
with grassroots citizen efforts, is necessary to solving our food waste 

Have a great weekend,

What If Government Took Food Waste Seriously?
Switchboard- Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog
Peter Lehner
April 3, 2013

The British Business Case for Avoiding Food Waste
Switchboard- Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog
Dana Gunder
April 4, 2013