Dear BEST'ers,

BMW and Fiat have begun offering free rental of conventional cars with 
the purchase of an electric vehicle. They have found that one of the 
biggest deterrents to purchasing an electric vehicle is consumers worry 
about running out of "gas" on a long trip. By offering a conventional 
car for any trip over 100 miles, they have eliminated the worry.

On a related note, Kroger is installing a bunch of new charging 
stations, so that they will now have 300 stations with charging ability. 
It cost them about $1.5 million to install the 200 new stations, many of 
which went to Pheonix, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

BMW and Fiat reduce EV range anxiety with loaner gas cars
Sustainable Business News
April 12, 2013

Kroger takes on EV charging at 300 supermarkets
Sustainable Business News
April 17, 2013

Sarah Luther