***** To join INSNA, visit ***** I recently posted online a number of previously unpublished papers and presentations that might be of interest to some on SOCNET.

I've listed the titles and URLs below.


The Relationship between Power and Position in Irrigation Networks in Egypt's Fayoum Oasis

Interviewing Practices in Partner Notification for STD and HIV

No Difference between 1- and 2-Year Recall Periods in Locatability of Sexual and Drug Injection Partners

Constancy of Clustering Over the Course of Recall


A plea for consistent terminology for pers! onal and social networks

Interviewer effects in the elicitation of sexual and drug injection partners

Reliability of reported sexual partnership dates and measures of concurrency

Practical research designs for investigating modes of HIV transmission

Comparison of daily reports and retrospective recall for eliciting drug injection partners

Devon Brewer
Interdisciplinary Scientifi! c Research
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