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Dear All,

I have a book titled Web Social Science (SAGE) which will be in the 
bookstores by July.  I hope you might consider it for your teaching :-) 
.  There is quite a lot in there about social networks.

If you would like more information, please contact me.  Below is the 
book blurb and also a link to the page on the SAGE website.


This book provides readers with a comprehensive guide to the theory and 
practice of Web Social Science. It demonstrates how the Web is being 
used to collect social research data, such as online surveys and 
interviews, as well as digital trace data from social media 
environments, such as Facebook and Twitter. It also illuminates how the 
advent of the Web has led to traditional social science concepts and 
approaches being combined with those from other scientific disciplines, 
leading to new insights into social, political and economic behaviour.

Situating social sciences in the Digital Age, this book gives you the 
opportunity to:

- Gain an understanding of the fundamental changes to society, politics 
and the economy that have resulted from the advent of the Web

- Learn about relevant data, tools and research methods for conducting 
research using web data

- Learn how how web data are providing new insights into long-standing 
social science research questions

- Understand how social science can facilitate an understanding of life 
in the Digital Age

Original and timely, this book will be of immense value for students and 
researchers throughout the social sciences. It will also be an important 
resource for students and researchers from information science, computer 
science and engineering who want to learn about how social scientists 
are thinking about and researching the Web.

Dr Robert Ackland
Associate Professor, Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, The Australian National University

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