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Subject: Conference on Media Opinion Dynamics - ICT applications to Non-Equilibrium Social Sciences
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Conference on Media Opinion Dynamics - ICT applications to Non-Equilibrium Social Sciences

10-11 June 2013, ISCTE-IUL Lisbon University Institute

Call for abstracts and posters: deadline 4th of May, 2013


Traditional media operates on one-to-many, broadcast transmission models whereas social media provides a many-to-many model. This more peer-to-peer approach means that it can dynamically adapt to the formation of new groups and voices. Also, it begs to question of how peers themselves are shaped by the media that they co-create. What incentivises active participation? How can these dynamics be understood and modelled? With which ICT tools? On the other hand, what is the actual role of traditional media in opinion dynamics? Is there some kind of intricate influence between social and traditional media? Can this phenomena be observed, measured, and characterized with the actual ICT resources?

The Media Opinion Dynamics Conference brings together researchers working with both social and traditional media, in the context of the new Non-Equilibrium Social Science (NESS), to discuss their findings and propose new ways in which NESS can be used. Speakers will present case studies and models of traditional and social media dynamics and will discuss the outputs and applicability of their research in the context of NESS. The main output from the conference will be identifying future directions for NESS to address ICT open issues.

Submissions in the form of abstracts (3 to 6 pages) or posters should be sent to [log in to unmask] with the subject “Submission to Media Opinion Dynamics Conference”.

Deadline for submissions: 4th of May, 2013

Publication: Abstracts and posters will be published on-line by NESS. Selected talks will be invited for contributing to a NESS book regarding a state-of-the-art for ICT applications to Non-Equilibrium Social Sciences. Talks will be video recorded and presented at the NESS Digital Library.

Fee: 50€ (including coffee-breaks), 100€  with lunch during the 2 days of the conference.

Conference supported by ISCTE-IUL, CIES-ISCTE, and NESS


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