Good morning web managers,

As I had mentioned in the Web Services presentation on 3/22, I have been 
actively working on making our templates responsive. It is not a very 
simple task- our templates are heavy, and they were never meant to be 
responsive in any facet of the word or idea.

That said I have(so far):

  * Replaced the slider with a responsive slider
      o it is touch enabled
      o builds in the backend that already exists in theme options
  * Replaced the 960 grid system once the width of the page is under 800
      o flexible to all mobile devices 318-799px
  * Created menu slider that replaces the institutional nav at top
      o will include new icons for isis, elearning, webmail, etc
      o will be customizeable
  * Made all images responsive

While this list isn't terribly impressive, there are many things that I 
have had to modify, remove or add in the backend.

I've added some screenshots of the features I have been working on- 
again they aren't fully styled, they are a shadow of what is to come. I 
show you these for your input: what features are you looking for in the 
UF responsive theme? At this juncture I am open to any ideas and opinions.

Anthony DeLorenzo*
**Web Services*