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I love the new fly-out menu with the Alpha!!! And it has the MAP!!!! 
On top of that you gave us a dropdown Yahoooo!

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Subject: More responsive design

Hello all,

To preface the message below, we have moved all correspondence from individual emails to [log in to unmask] so that the entire team can participate fully in the mobile development & design process.

We have been making some progress with responsive design, and again open the floor to ideas (and hopefully positive) critiques.

Attached are screenshots of the progress with relation to the menu(s). 
As you may note the primary navigation has disappeared from the top of the page body, and has now replaced the institution navigation as a fly-out menu. The institutional nav is hardly hit (less than 1% of all site traffic touched any link on the institutional navigation) and we felt that it was an unnecessary waste of valuable real estate. This allows for the mobile viewer to see the main content of your page without having to page through the navigation.

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What was important and noticeable in the analytics was that the hotlinks in the top right of institutional nav were being hit. We have moved these to their own grid menu next to the main menu as you can see in the screenshots.


Also what you cannot see is that the slider is now touch enabled, you can flick through the slides without accidentally tapping the image while trying to navigate through the slides.

There have been many more tweaks, alterations, and chainsaw attacks on the code and there is still plenty to go. For those of you who are interested in contributing and testing, we are nearly at a place where we can share code through github, and that may happen as early as next week(depending on several factors).

Also there were are few questions sent that we can go ahead an answer:

      * Is this WordPress-only for now?
          o Yes, it is. There has been a small, but non-commital effort
            to make the HTML template responsive but our primary focus
            is what will best serve the most clients. Currently, the
            amount of WordPress sites under University control
            outnumbers that of static HTML(and there have been more
            downloads of the WP template, leading to be inclined to
            believe that there are more in the works as well).
      * p.s. where is the link to this template?
          o The template isn't yet available, but it may be available
            shortly for some very early testing.
      * How are you testing "responsiveness"?
          o Technically, the design is 'adaptive' with some responsive
            features- there are breakpoints that change static
            properties to proportional. The current responsive theme is
            built using media queries, CSS3 properties, and a smattering
            of Javascript. We are testing it using a plethora of mobile
            devices. As it stands, we are focusing our efforts on
            devices less than 799px wide. Using most modern tablets our
            theme works well, and we feel that there isn't the immediate
            need to implement a 1000-1200px wide theme. That said, we
            are testing on a plethora of devices and screen sizes, as
            well as many different browsers and operating systems.
            Specifically, all iPhone OS versions and Android 2.3+. Each
            has their own quirks, but we are working to develop a theme
            that will work well on all mobile devices.

Again, let us know what questions or suggestions you may have,

Anthony DeLorenzo
*Web Services*