Join the Gainesville Drupal Users Group this Thursday at the Alachua
County Downtown Library in Gainesville!

1. Presentation: Part 2 of Simple Ways to AwesomizeŽ Drupal's Page Load Times
In this presentation, Mike Herchel will walk give part two of a
presentation on optimizing load times in Drupal (frontend and
backend). Topics covered will include tools, statistics, tips to
optimize MySQL, caching mechanisms, Drupal problems, how to fix them,
HTTP Requests, DOM, bandwidth and more.

2. Roundtable: Drupal Theming Best Practices
In this roundtable, we're going to discuss best practices for theming
Drupal. This will include topics such as base themes, grid systems,
resets, CSS organizations such as SMACSS, layouts (tpl.php, panels,
Display Suite).

In addition, we'll have

 *  A [free] 20 minute Drupal beginner session/training for any
newbies that attend
 *  A rundown of the top X Drupal modules - this is always one of our favorites
 *  Roundtable discussion - What have you done or learned in the last
month that's worth showing off?
 *  A happy-hour / social event afterwards - probably at Harry's or
The Top (both are within walking distance)! This'll give us a chance
to nerd-talk over a beer or three :)


 *  When: Thurs Apr 11th, 2013 7pm-9pm EDT
 *  Where: the Alachua County Downtown Libary (401 East University
Ave) Click for Map.
 *  Room: We'll be in the Foundation Room, which is up the stairs and
to the left (follow the wall until you see the sign. Ask for help if
 *  Afterwards: We'll be going out for food/beer/socializing at a
restaurant/bar within walking distance.
 *  What to bring: Bring your laptop if you have one, if not, don't worry!


-Mike Herchel