We are in the process of getting a WordPress site set to use Shibboleth (meaning we are going through the Shibboleth paperwork).  The site was regularly brute forced (no comment on people's password choices) until we made three changes:

1. Only techs were set as admins (initially, faculty were also admins--it was a control issue, ie they felt they needed 100% control).
2. All passwords were reset to 20 character pass phrases.
3. Dashboard access was locked down to just UF and VPN.

Step two would not have been as important if Shibboleth was in place, but being this was an issue that we knew people would bulk at and drag their feet...

The long and the short of it is attacks have stopped being successful.  As a tech who regularly does support work while on vacation, I have not had a problem with the third step.  It was the first step we implemented after the attacks and it definitely appeared to have an impact.

Do I think there is a need for both Shibboleth and restricting the dashboard to UF and VPN?  Put it this way, the front door to my house has a lock and a dead-bolt.  I also have an alarm system.  In a world where people break into others homes, you go with the level of security you can afford and that does not make life a pain.  The dashboard restriction is an almost non-cost, and it does not really add much in the way of pain.  We will keep it in place when Shibboleth is set.


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From what I've read about automated attacks targeting WordPress, it looks like UF sites using Shibboleth for authentication wouldn't be vulnerable to these kinds of attempts. (It does confirm that having a default 'admin' user with 'admin' as the password is always a bad idea, though)

Does anyone think there's a need to go beyond Shibboleth as a best practice? For example, limiting access to the dashboard to campus/VPN users?

Just throwing it out there...discuss...


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