Today I took my son to the Orlando Watersports Complex so he could water
ski.  While I was there, I saw a Least Tern flying by.  Then I saw two more
on the other side of the lake. So I decided to walk over to them.  There's
a pier that allows you to walk out to the middle of the lake.  When I
walked out there, I found that there were at least 27 of them.  Most of
them on the pier appeared to be paired, and I saw two pair copulating. I
saw another tern bring in a fish from the lake to its partner.  After
giving it to the other, they flew off together.

I don't know how unusual or significant this is, so I thought I'd share it.
 I posted photos of the Least Terns at

Happy birding,

Scott Simmons
Winter Park, FL

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