Thinking I may have missed the North Florida fallout over the weekend while attending the FOS in St Pete, 

I went to St Marks today and was pleasantly surprised.  Highlights were: 8 warbler species 

Plank Rd:  N. Parula and prothonotary warblers, Yellow throated vireo 

Double bridges:  Pine, P rothonotary, Parula, Black & white, H ooded W arblers (and heard a waterthrush) 

                      Red eyed, white eyed and yellow throated vireos 

                     2 lingering swamp sparrows 

                     2 Blue gray gnatcatchers 

After 10 AM, at Mounds T rail:  

Black-throated Green, Yellow, Hooded (M&F), Black & white, Pine, Yellow-throated, Common yellow throat, Palm warblers 

Red-eyed, white-eyed and yellow throated vireos 

4 blue-gray gnatcatchers, a lingering Ruby Crown Kinglet (showing his ruby) 

Red breasted Nuthatch 

Indigo buntings 

Eastern kingbirds, Great crested Flycatcher 

Gull billed tern (my FOS) and ~ 30 B lack N ecked S tilts, ~50 willets, several S oras 

and a Gator bellowing for several minutes with head completely out of the water 

Nice day birding, though cold and windy 

Bill Phelan 


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