Hi, Dave,

Data Governance has the same problems as IG, with huge volumes, lack of
accountability, and no one at the helm. This concept has been around for a
few years. There is even a Data Governance Institute , though it appears that is run by a single
person who is a consultant. It is often discussed with Master Data
Management (MDM) --a
concept for focusing on what is really important. There is a lot of overlap
in concepts, particularly accountability. One of the major players is
Gartner who published a lot on enterprise information management
, which is really an offshoot of Information Life-cycle Management--which is
not strategic, it fixes elementary problems. It is primarily concerned with
databases and the highly formatted information that goes in there. As you
might expect, Gartner and IBM are big players in this area.

Data Governance is important to Big Data because it worries about keeping
data clean (quality), reducing duplicates, adding security where necessary,
and making it access in an appropriate form. Big Data is more about
analytics and visualization to solve new problems.

Here is a link from the Data Manager's Public Library (DMPL) which has a lot
of good links
l/frameworks-charters-maturity-models-data-governance/ . Most of the links,
however, are to corporations selling products.

There is a data governance hashtag on Twitter #DataGovernance, lots of
blogs, etc.

What they miss is that data in the form of sliced and diced information is
imperative for transactions and decision-making, but documents are how we
conduct business. 

Best wishes,

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