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> Dear Hugh,
> I'm doing my best to get the word out there that records managers rock and
> that we know what we are doing!
> Best wishes,
> Carol
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That is why I wrote the post.  I truly think you have an opportunity to change things within ARMA.  I have the confidence that you along with the Board will move the image and power of the records manager forward in 2013 and 2014. You already have your own Blog and others should follow your lead and that of Larry Medina and Peter Kurilecz who always advance the image of records management.  This is the year for ARMA to put budget dollars to a PR function to promote Records Managers and spend less on promoting ARMA as a conference.

If records managers see that ARMA is promoting the professionalism and need for the records management function in well run organizations, then the industry will grow and grow in power and income level which is the way corporations acknowledge achievement.

Well run and efficient organization with strong records management end up being sued less and winning more when they do litigate. A phenomena in the law is that the better prepared corporations often see the less prepared opponent settle at a higher rate because they come to court unarmed if they have poor records management. A company in NYC called Digital Trust that prepares companies for trial by helping to create the Data Map says the strong records management organizations have less cost in preparation and their attorneys have greater confidence that bad thing will pop out of the Discovery closet.

One would describe it as the "Know when to Hold them and Know when to fold them” factor. A litigating company with poor records management enters litigation virtually unarmed. Mixed metaphor How about “with no face card in their hand?”  I testified as an “Expert Witness” in a trial (I was always told that an expert is a person out of town with a briefcase so I qualified) and because of the stuff?? you guys taught me I asked the opposing counsel during discovery “You burned up your data center and now you want to go to trial with no data map! Your client flagrantly failed to protect your Electronically Stored Information (ESI)  in contravention of legal requirements to do so and now you want to go into a public court room and broadcast to the world your negligence?  Does the CEO and CFO know the risk you pose to them by broadcasting to the world, competitors and your own shareholders your ineptitude?” The very next day, they settled the case.

The value of records management is a light under a bushel basket. Time to promote it and let it shine!

The value of great records management is quantifiable.  A PR effort that speaks to this value will have great return.  I wish you the best this year.

Hugh Smith
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