Dear colleagues

The report of our workshop Sceam Indian ocean has just been published by
FAO, here is the link to download it

*FAO, 2013. **Report on the FAO Workshop on Sea Cucumber Fisheries: An
Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Indian Ocean (SCEAM Indian Ocean),
Mazizini, Zanzibar, the United Republic of Tanzania, 12-16 November 2012. *FAO
Fisheries and Aquaculture Report. No. 1038. Rome. 92 pp. The PDF
publication can be downloaded from the following url:

We hope that it will prove helpful for the remaining resources...

Good WE

Chantal Conand

2013/5/9 Pawson, David <[log in to unmask]>

> Fantastic!  This kind of technology would be ideal for retrieving my
> 15,000 golf balls from the pond
> in front of the green on the 5th hole.
> Scary to think how many cucumbers this guy could collect in 10 hours, if
> his machine works well.
> Cheers, Dave.
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> Subject: New Ways to Harvest Cukes
> Keeping Up with Technology
>  From The Atlantic - In Focus ( Zhang Wuyi, a local
> farmer interested in scientific inventions, looks up as he squats under a
> suction pipe of his new multi-seat submarine at his workshop in Wuhan,
> Hubei province, on March 25, 2013 (Reuters/Stringer). He built the vessel,
> with a diving depth of 20-30 meters and traveling for up to 10 hours, to
> capture sea cucumbers.