Dear Friends,

A colleague of us in Spain (Dr Francisco Ramil, Universidad de Oviedo,
Spain) found a small Cucumaridae(?)  (9-16 mm length) (off Mauritania,
Africa; seven specimens, 109-11 m depth) with ten tentacles, the
ventral-most are smaller than the rest. Five rows of tube feet restricted
to the ambulacral areas, and.. as you can see in the PDF attached to this
mail (sorry! captions in Spanish), it only have one kind of ossicles in
the body wall, these are small baskets scattered through the body
wall..they can be seen at the naked eye.
You can see some pics of the whole specimen, ossicles, calcareous ring, etc.
Dr Cherbonnier, Dr Massin , Dr Thandar and Dr Samyn have many papers on
African sea cuckes … but I never saw this beast picture in their works!
Can you help us?



Dr. Francisco A. Solís-Marín
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