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Hello all-

I will be in a developing country on a project.  I want to at least take a
first swipe at some network data collection of individuals.

In particular  in observations and interviews, I would like to identify
both direct relationships (kinship, friendship) as well as affiliation
(tribe, church, political party) and basic demographics/attributes.

What I am wondering if anyone knows a good tool to collect and input data.

FOr example, let's say I am talking to someone and they list a few
contacts, or their affiliations.  I am imagining maybe some type of forms
would be useful to just get the info, but the form would then push the data
to the "right places," as in a table of attribute data, and then matrices
of ego data for each individual and affiliation matrices for affiliation

It is possible that alters named will be egos or other alters.  Is there a
way to "stitch" together this information?

Anyone know of an existing study that is similar that I could look at?




I interview Anaia.

She names her husband and siblings as kin.  She names several close friends.

She provides some brief background info.

She lists Church A as her church.  She is from Town Z.  So these are

I would like to have one input interface that can take the info and push it
to at least three databases:
1) attribute
2) egocentric networks by relationship
3) affiliation network (I can assume the same set of affiliations will be
relevant for the whole population).

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