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I would like to invite you to think about submitting to, and/or subscribing to TRAILs.

TRAILS is an online, modular (by topic and type of teaching tool) and searchable database for the creation and dissemination of peer-reviewed teaching resources. It is published by the American Sociological Association.

(The acronym stands for Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology.)

I am the Trails Digital Library Area Editor for teaching and learning materials related to 'Social Networks' and 'Microcomputing'.

I would welcome SOCNET members and others to submit teaching resources on social networks and/or microcomputing, and to also consider subscribing to TRAILS.

Some information about TRAILS is provided at:


I have held off advertising this before, partly because I was waiting for the system to get up and running, and for some the technical glitches to get overcome.  I believe we are over the hump now.

Some while ago a number of you submitted materials to an earlier teaching resource that was published by the ASA:

Tindall, D.B. and Todd E. Malinick. 2008. Editors. Teaching about Social Networks. A Collection of Syllabi, Assignments, and Other Resources. Washington, D.C.: American Sociological Association. 251 pages.

The materials that were published in this volume have been digitally incorporated into the TRAILS collection.

The idea of TRAILS is to provide useful and readily accessible resources to those teaching in areas like social network analysis (and other topics in sociology).

Materials are peer reviewed, and then digitally published.  One objective of the initiative is to have a relatively short time period between initial submission and publication.

FYI, the first two new resources in the social networks area were recently published by Alexandra Marin:

• Personal Networks.

• Social Network Research Project using Collaborative Data Collection

If you are interested in TRAILS, please feel free to talk to me at the Sunbelt Conference, or to send an e-mail to me.


David Tindall

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
University of British Columbia

E-mail: [log in to unmask]

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