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I am pleased to announce the release of AIRNET, a Stata command that  
parses US air traffic data from the Bureau of Transportation  
Statistics into weighted and directed networks.  To download and  
install the command, type "ssc install airnet" in the Stata command  
line.  The command and the network data it generates are described in  
detail here:

Neal, Zachary. In press. "AIRNET: A Programme for Generating Intercity  
Networks." Urban Studies.
(available at

Here are some of the main features of the available data --
 DYNAMIC: Quarterly intervals from 1993 to present (after 6-9 month embargo)
 WEIGHTED: Edges reflect the number of passengers traveling
 DIRECTED: Direction of travel is recorded
 MULTISCALAR: Nodes can be either US airports or US metropolitan areas
 MULTIPLEX: Four distinct types of networks are available
      ROUTE: Number of passengers taking off in origin and landing in  
      ORIGIN-DESTINATION: Number of passengers starting journey in  
origin and ending in destination (i.e. layovers omitted)
      BUSINESS: Subset of origin-destination network containing only  
business passenger movements
      LEISURE: Subset of origin-destination network containing only  
leisure passenger movements

Pre-constructed network datasets containing annual waves from  
1993-2011 at airport or metro levels are available here:

If you use AIRNET or these data, please consider citing:
Neal, Zachary. Forthcoming. "AIRNET: A Program for Generating  
Intercity Networks." Urban Studies.
Neal, Zachary.  2010.  "Refining the Air Traffic Approach: An Analysis  
of the US City Network."  Urban Studies 47: 2195  2215.


Zachary Neal, Assistant Professor
Michigan State University
Department of Sociology & Global Urban Studies Program
316 Berkey Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

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