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The deadline for paper submission for the 10th Conference on the
Application of Social Network Analysis - ASNA, taking place in Zürich,
Switzerland from August 27th-30th 2013 is approaching.

Deadline for abstract submission is May 15th 2013.

Please see some important details of the conference below and on And thank you for sending this information to your
colleagues and contacts.

We would be very happy if you would join us for the 10 years' celebration!
For the organizing committee

Organizing Committee 2013
Manuel Fischer, EAWAG / University of Bern
Karin Ingold, University of Bern / EAWAG
Sabrina Ruggieri, University of Bern
Uwe Serdült, Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau / University of Zurich
Fabio Sticca, University of Konstanz / Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau

Keynote presentation on August 30th, 2013
James Fowler, Professor of Medical Genetics and Political Science at the
University of California, San Diego
Big Data and Big Experiments with Millions of People

James Fowler will discuss several observational and experimental studies
we have been doing using Twitter and Facebook data. This work uses new
methods to (1) get voters to the polls on a massive scale, (2) predict
which pieces of information will go viral, (3) turn "likes" into a
measure of political ideology, (4) test a 40 year old theory on the
strength of weak ties using employment data, and (5) measure the
transmission of emotion online using rainfall.

Workshops on August 27th and 28th, 2013
- Introduction to SNA by Thomas Friemel, UZurich
- Advanced Applications of SNA by Filip Agneessens, UGroningen
- SIENA by Johan Koskinen, UOxford
- visone by Ulrik Brandes, UKonstanz
- ERGM by Skyler Cranmer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
- DNA by Philip Leifeld, EAWAG / UKonstanz

Uwe Serdült, Dr. phil.

Centre for Research on Direct Democracy - c2d

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