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Dear all, 

A new version of EgoNet is available at EgoNet is an open source program
for the collection and visualization of personal network data, which was
designed by Chris McCarty. 

In this version, we have added the following functionality, which allow a
greater diversity of questionnaire designs in EgoNet: First, instead of a
fixed number of nominations, users can now choose between a fixed and a minimum
number of nominations (the minimum can also be set to 0). Second, Egonet
can now also be used in research with multiple name generators. For the
second and subsequent name generators, users can select names that
respondents already mentioned and enter new names. The relation between
names and name generators can be saved in a separate file. Josep Floriach
Ventosinos and Martin Smith did the programming.  

A workshop in EgoNet will be given as part of the international summer
course "The measurement of personal networks" in Barcelona, July 1-5.
( A short demo
will be given in the workshop "Mixed Methods Research Designs for
Ego-centered Social Networks" at the Sunbelt. 

Best wishes,


Miranda Lubbers
Ramón y Cajal Researcher
Laboratory of Personal Networks and Communities
Dept of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Faculty of Arts - Edifici B
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)

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