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Dear All,

I'm really grateful to all the community members who guided me in designing Organizational Network Analysis course. I want to share the list of resources with the community members as follows: 

1) Collection of network data ( Eric C Jones

2) Introduction to networks Dimitrina Dimitrova
3) 6 degrees of separation-- Dimitrina Dimitrova
4) Krebs, Valdis (2007) Managing the 21st century Organization. International Association for Human Resource InformationManagement Journal, 11 (2), 2-8).-- Dimitrina Dimitrova
5) Stephenson, K. Quantum Theory of Trust. The Creative Mind, 29. Reprint 02406 (14 pp.)-- Dimitrina Dimitrova
6) James Moody
7) Misha Teplitskiy
8) : Brooke 

Thanks and Regards
Dr, Kamal Badar
Institute of Managmenet Sciences
University of Balochistan

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